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Campus Crusade Staff

Our staff are requesting explicit permission to spend their time in pre-evangelistic activities.  They would also like better training and resourcing so they can help non-Christians reconsider their gospel-incompatible worldviews in a relationally safe manner.

As one staff member put it:

“Even though sowing is something that people say is good and acceptable, much of everything else in our ministry screams that it’s not.  Our stats are reaping only!  Almost all of our training is for ‘randoms’ which end up equipping our students to do something that has almost no relevancy to them after college.”

Consider the three main findings of the staff survey conducted October 2009:

• There is a large disparity between the evangelistic activities our staff feel they have permission to spend time on, and the evangelistic activity they feel is the next-best-step for the typical lost student on their campus.
As the chart above summarizes, our staff feel an incongruence between the behavior that is expected of them and the behavior that is most needed by the lost. This sense was reaffirmed in many ways throughout the results of the survey.

• Our staff want assistance in developing their pre-evangelistic skills.
When asked to identify a tool, approach, or training component they most desire, the majority of staff requested a resource that would  “help lost students reconsider their gospel-incompatible worldview.”  When given the opportunity to explain what they’d find helpful, the most repeated comment from our staff was that they want assistance in natural mode evangelism. They believe that these skills are not only most in demand on campus, but they are critical in the post-graduation, lifelong ministry for which we hope to prepare our students.

• Our staff expressed the greatest satisfaction in evangelistic experiences that are heavily rooted in a relational context.
When asked an open-ended question about their satisfaction in evangelism, staff mentioned Soularium by name 68 times.  Sharing with international students and sharing while on summer project were also frequently noted.  It is significant that the context for all of these is highly relational.

For more details on the results of the staff survey, please see the full report, “Campus Crusade Staff”.

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