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Accelerate Transferability

Part of the genius of Campus Crusade for Christ is our focus on transferability.  We must apply that expertise in developing approaches, tools, and training to help our staff and student leaders develop the skills needed to sow and deconstruct/reconstruct worldviews.  We have some tools for this, but we need more and better resources to equip students in these complex tasks.

One critical skill that we need to make transferable is the ability to graciously deconstruct worldviews that render belief in the gospel impossible.  In his book The Reason for God, Tim Keller demonstrates how to do this brilliantly.  Unfortunately, however, many staff and students we know who have read the book walk away from it convinced that Keller is a great apologist but are unable to reproduce his excellent arguments themselves.

In light of this, we have begun to create a study guide based on The Reason for God.  It is designed to help our staff and students learn and internalize Keller’s reasoning, so they can use these approaches in real conversations.

This is just one example of the type of tool that we believe Campus Crusade needs to produce to equip our staff and students with the skills critical to carry out effective evangelistic dialogues in this culture.

The members of our team have begun to use these cards to train our students.  Below is an email from one student who enthusiastically reports how helpful the training has been to her.

Sorry to flood your inbox but I wanted to share something very exciting. Tonight (Saturday) I decided to stay in and do work, but of course I was interrupted by several different friends. I ended up talking to two of my sorority sisters until now (3am). It was going okay for a while. We talked a lot about alcohol and frat parties and schoolwork. But it turned into an AWESOME conversation about God. One of the girls is really searching right now. She grew up Christian but is now forming new views. She literally said that she thinks all religions are basically the same thing. It was textbook from Reason for God!!! I mean, textbook seriously. I felt so prepared to talk to her about it because of the role play that we did in missionary group on Monday. I argued a few points but ultimately it lead into a discussion on eternity and so on.

Thanks so much for starting up the study guide. This is good stuff. It’s so cool to see that there are results happening from it immediately. I really just wanted to offer a word of encouragement that this missionary lane is awesome and totally what this campus needs. I feel so blessed to be apart of it.

God is good,


Below is one of the cards created to train students in using the content from chapter one of The Reason for God in real conversations.

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